We are here to assist you in obtaining financing for your business!

About Us

Some information about who we are and what we do


Welcome to the Kansas Association of Certified Development Company (KACDC) website.

The Kansas Association of Certified Development Company (KACDC) provides specialized business financing in every county in Kansas.

Our mission is to assist you in obtaining business financing for your project including:

    • funding options
    • loan packaging assistance
    • going with you to the bank of your choice

We know the business financing programs available in your community, your region, Kansas, and federal.

Contact us to obtain the answers to your questions about financing to develop, expand, or purchasing a business in Kansas.


We are here to assist you with obtaining financing for your business including:

      • funding options for starting, purchasing, or expanding a business
      • loan packaging assistance
      • provide down payment assistance options
      • provide resources a start-up business can use when preparing a business plan
      • provide assistance to local governments for funding infrastructure needs of your business project
      • going with you to the bank of your choice


The KACDC was established over 30+ years ago with the clear mission of assisting businesses in obtaining financing to start, purchase, or expand a business in Kansas. KACDC members are experts in assisting businesses in obtaining financing. Businesses utilize the services of the KACDC because the KACDC members get results. We have assisted thousands of businesses successfully obtain financing to make their project a reality.

In just the past 5 years the KACDC members have obtained loan approvals on 625+ projects totalling over $400,000,000+ in financing impacting 4,725+ jobs (3,025 created/1,700 retained).

625+ Businesses Receiving
Loan Approvals

Loan Approvals

4,725+ Jobs
Created / Retained

So put our experts to work helping you obtain financing for your project by contacting us.